Everyone loves the old VW “camper” Van, especially one that has been brought back to life with a beautiful restoration and paint job.  If you are lucky enough to own one, here are the steps to restoring that old VW Camper Van to like-new, classic antique status:



Rebuild the engine with new parts (not refurbished), to include the carburetor and air cleaner, the battery, spark plugs, and seals. Next, replace the old points and condenser distributor system with a new electronic ignition system.



Be sure to power wash and seal the undercarriage with rust preventative undercoating. All mechanical and electrical components removed in disassembly should be carefully inspected, tested and repaired or replaced.  These parts include Some, steering, brakes, axle, throttle, clutch, break cables, shifter and suspension components, and the heater.


Coat the floor with undercoating, new plywood and high traction carpet. Seat stands, rear cargo and side panels get covered with new automotive carpet. Dashboard and components are disassembled, painted and reassembled. Replace the front door panels. Install a new, modern stereo. Add new seats with lap seat belts. Add new floor mats, kick panels, sun visors, handles, etc.


Hang new doors, replace handles, windows, mirrors, antenna, grill, roof rack, and bumpers. Replace all rubber seals around the windows and doors, too.  Finally, four new tires and wheels and you are on your way!
Most importantly, have fun!