Have you been wondering what the typical costs for replacing a transmission are? Then, this article is meant for you because it will answer all possible questions you might have about the average cost of all things in relation to transmission replacement cost in a Ford Mustang.


When an auto repairman observes a problem with the transmission and if it indicates transmission failure; most mechanics will replace the whole transmission. The thing is- the transmission is a really complex part of your car engine. In certain cases, it can cost less to replace the entire transmission rather than trying to repair or troubleshoot it. Hence, as it might seem to be an expensive thing to do, most mechanics will choose to replace the failed transmission with a new one. As far as auto repair is concerned, this is even the best option because your vehicle can have a longer life with a new transmission.


The average cost of can be a general number, then we ‘ll have some variable costs as well. The average cost to replace your old transmission is about $1,800. This cost includes the replacement of related parts of the transmission like the disc, flywheel, pressure plate, etc. On the other hand, the average cost of repairing is about $3,000.


There are different variables that can affect the total cost of replacing a transmission. So, you should know the total amount you’ll be spending may be less or more than the amount stated above. Some of the factors that influence the price include:

  • The model and year of your Ford Mustang
  • Automatic or manual transmission (it costs more to replace the transmission of an automatic car)
  • The degree of damage on the transmission
  • Where you are located; because replacing a transmission can cost higher in some places of the U.S.
  • The repair shop you choose. This is why we’ll advise you to get quotes from different shops to replace your transmission

If you can figure out the typical costs for replacing a transmission in a Ford Mustang in your area, this guideline will be a good one for you to follow when selecting the shop to carry out the replacement for you.

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